MVVM Tips: How to close the current window / dialog?

To keep your ViewModel separated from the View we would like to make sure the ViewModel knows as little about the UI as possible, this includes no hard references. So how do we close the window?

I like to create a abstract ViewModel class specifically for this purpose which extends from my ViewModel base class and adds an event called RequestClose. Lets call it CloseableViewModel.

public abstract class CloseableViewModel : ViewModel
    public event EventHandler RequestClose;

    protected OnRequestClose()
        if (RequestClose != null)
            RequestClose(this, EventArgs.Empty);

Now just make sure your view model extends the CloseableViewModel. When you are linking your ViewModel to your view add a listener to the event

public partial class DialogView : ChildWindow
    public DialogView(DialogViewModel model)
        this.DataContext = model;
        model.RequestClose += delegate (object sender, EventArgs args) { this.Close(); }

When you want to close the window from your ViewModel call OnRequestClose();

Easy as that, and your ViewModel doesn’t need to know about your View 🙂

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