Multi Tenant update

I’ve received messages and I know a few of you are waiting for a good tutorial on multi tenancy.

I’ve been busy working as I’m going on a trip and will be away for the next 6 weeks. So it’s going to have to wait, we haven’t gone live with my changes I’ve made at work yet as they are not complete however in development it is working very nicely.

I’ll write up some posts when I get back. Basically my solution for the back-end involved:

  • MEF for drop-in client overrides of business logic in a services layer
  • EF 4.1 for POCO classes implementing an interface which allows for a hash set of key,value pair custom fields

This gives us a flexible back-end. As for the UI we have PHP, Webforms and MVC so that’s taking quite a bit of work to change. There are already great tutorials on multi tenancy MVC so I’d refer to those.

Looking forward to getting into it when I’m back.