Latest Update

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been quite busy and just realized there are many comments I haven’t had a chance to view yet. I will try and get to them in the next week. This will include some updates to GraphDiff, as I’ve seen some great pull requests which I will need to migrate, and I have other bugfixes which I had planned to migrate earlier but then had problems with my PC at home.

For now though I’ll post a link to my latest project called Topic Reel I don’t often post about my front-end dev work but I truly love working the whole stack.

The stack I have used for this project is AngularJS, NodeJS & MongoDB. I’ve built applications with these technologies before but I really wanted to work on something that I could release as my own.

The idea was to create an easy to use real-time front page which aggregates popular posts/images/tweets across multiple social media feeds and allows for searching across the real-time Internet as a whole.

I should warn that it’s beta and it’s still very much in the early stages but I have big ideas for where it could head, if given the time that is!

Anyways if you can please do check it out and if you like it let me know, or find any problems that’s even better to know.

Also I have a virtualized grid built for AngularJS which I’m not quite ready to release yet but it basically contains most of what ng-grid provides but uses html markup in the page rather than javascript templating, it also allows for binding events as attributes much like a Silverlight grid control. It seems more ‘Angular’ to me than the way ng-grid expects things to work. Perhaps I will have some time soon to work on that too.

Cheers guys,
Enjoy coding.

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